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Cross tabulation analysis

Are you using cross tabulation analysis in your business? If not, then you are missing out on a big opportunity to analyze highly-pertinent data regarding your products, services, and customers. The data collected from cross tab analysis can play a large roll in the direction you take your business.

mTab is a market research and survey analysis firm that uses the best tools and technology in the world to provide our clients with better and faster insights. We'll integrate all of your data and market research on a single platform, configure it, manage it, and help you extract as much information from it as possible that can be used to guide your business.

How to Use Cross Tabulation Analysis for Your Business

When we're trying to make sense of the complex world around us, we often rely on data. At a basic level, data allows us to look at descriptive statistics about variables. We could look at a variable like this following poll question: Do you approve or disapprove of the way President Trump is handling his job?

A simple statistic might look at a percentage who said they approve. That single number is what we call 'Approval Rating.' You often hear this term tossed around among politicians and cable news networks. This number is important to them because it allows them to assess change over time. However, someone might also care how approval varies by group.

For instance, they might want to compare the level of approval among men and women, minorities and non-minorities, different age groups, and other demographics. This is where cross tabulation analysis comes in handy!

What are Cross Tabulations?

Cross-tabulations are also known as contingency tables. Cross tabs rely on categorical data. Cross tabs show how one variable differs based on another variable. And for this, we are all fortunate!

Suppose we have a survey of 200 people - 100 men and 100 women. We want to know how genders differ by how they perceive the president. A cross tab would provide a summary of the distributions of both variables. From this table, we can concentrate on four new numbers:

1. The number of women who approve of the president: 43
2. The number of women who disapprove of the president: 57
3. The number of men who approve of the president: 51
4. The number of men who disapprove of the president: 49

From these raw values, we can calculate further pertinent information. Let's consider row frequencies.

We calculate row frequencies by dividing the number in a cell by the total for that cell's row. For instance, if 51 men approved out of 100 men, total, then that cell's row frequency would be 51%. Now we have a valuable number to put into a sentence. The same can be done for every cell within the table.

Other valuable statistics derived from cross-tabs include in-column relative frequencies, expected frequencies, and Pearson's Chi-Squared Test. Now, the world is a complicated place. Fortunately, science helps us to understand it, and now you understand one of science's very simple yet very powerful tools - cross tabs.

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